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Desert Connections - Documentary


What it is all about

At the heart of this project is a fascination with the desert as a symbol and its influence on Khaleeji's creatives. I aim to uncover artists' personal connections with the desert landscape and its impact on their artistic expressions. This will take the form of in-depth interviews with selected Emirati artists, delving into their thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences related to the desert.

Project Goals

Documentary Production: We edit and develop the collected material into a compelling short documentary. This documentary serves the dual purpose of showcasing the profound relationship between artists and the desert while promoting these talented creatives on both national and international stages.

Personal Narratives: We conduct audio and video interviews with participants, capturing their unique oral narratives about their relationship with the desert while collecting relevant vocabulary and primary data.


Artistic Documentation: We record and document the artistic practices of our participants, providing insights into their creative processes. At the same time, we want to promote the artists through videography.


Natural Landscapes: We explore and document natural places that hold significance for our participants.


Archival Materials: We gain access to personal photographs and other materials related to our participants' connections with the desert, enriching our understanding of their journey.

Usage of Information

The collected video and audio will be utilized in the following ways:


Cultural Documentation: We aim to document the contemporary connection, the here and now of emerging artists - and promote their work through a short documentary.

Academic Resource: The academic transcripts of interviews will be available for future scholarly research, contributing to the academic discourse on art and culture.

Artist Promotion: We will create video material to promote the participating artists, their remarkable work,

National Archiving: Transcripts of interviews will be preserved in UAE institutions, ensuring the preservation of this invaluable cultural heritage.


It's OK to say no:

If you participate in the interview, you can withdraw any part of it, both audio or video, no questions asked. You can even decide not to participate at all. Any material that you don't wish to be used will be destroyed.

If you decide to participate, we will film you, so you must be comfortable showing your face in the video. 



Join us

We invite you to join us on this captivating journey as we explore the profound "Desert Connections" of Emirati artists. This project celebrates their creative spirit and sheds light on the enduring bond between art and nature in this vibrant region. Stay tuned for updates and insights from our research!

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