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We have chosen you, you want to do it, what next???


Pre filming

Fantastic, Maryam will contact you. We will need certain things from you to put all the information about you and your work together.  We will ask you for good-quality photos of your work, your portfolio, your artist name, and where you come from so we can promote what you do.

Maryam will send you the paperwork to read and fill in with all the details on how the material is going to be used and how to exclude material that you don't want,

Next, we will have a meeting over Zoom, where you can ask any questions, whether big or small.


The filming process will start in November; we will book a day with you when we can come to you and film you in your personal environment. This could be your studio, your room, your kitchen, your garden... anywhere where you create your work. We want the interview to be comfortable for you in your own environment. We also want to film your art and you working on your art for the b-roll.

If possible, we would also like to film natural places that are important to you, desert places that you went to as a family, beaches that you remember from your childhood, and places that you have an emotional connection to.

Those interviews will be done from Friday to Sunday, so it will not interfere with your work.

Don't worry, we don't mind to travel.

Post Filming

After all interviews are done, we will gather all the materials that are yours and send you a low-resolution copy so you can decide if we can use all the materials or if there are any parts you want to exclude. Parts you don't want to use (video, audio or both) will be permanently destroyed.


In Spring 2024, I will be editing the documentary. When the part with you is finished, I will send you a copy to see which parts of the interview were used. You can have an input then, exclude parts or ask to add parts you think are important.

At the same time, your interview will be transcribed - you will also get a copy of that. 

Finish documentary

I want this documentary to promote you, your culture and your art. When the documentary is finished, I will display it in and exhibition and apply to show it in many places, here in the UAE and abroad. I also want to create a series of work that are based on your connection to the desert,

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