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Constellations - Kasia Dzikowska
Detail of work - Kasia Dzikowska
Constellations work in a surrounding space
Constellations - Aesha
Constellations at Sikka 2015

In this project I am looking at the complex inter-relationships between a group of women. Up until now I have been looking at women as isolated beings: focusing on their existence, their perception of themselves and their ambitions. But none among us is standing alone; we are all products of the way in which we were raised by the family around us. As women it is our mothers, sisters, grandmothers and daughters who influence our lives like the sun and moon influence the tides. Their relationships, both with us and with each other, inform our personalities to make up who we are. In Constellations, I explore these relationships between the women of a family, capturing them with symbolic patterns, colours and dimensions to produce a window on how a family sees itself.


The outcome of this work became a part of Sikka 2015 festival.


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