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The Omani press certainly likes artists! This is an article from the Muscat Daily News about the ZeeArts Community's Artist Exchange with Paragon Arts in Oman for an amazing retreat to exchange ideas, tehcniques and inspiration.

The article reads:

Paragon Arts holds cultural exchange event

Paragon Arts in collaboration with Zee Arts Community held its very first Cultural Exchange Programme on May 29 and 30. The organisers are taking the lead in establishing programmes and activities that will promote art, as well as artistic exchange. The artists from the UAE and Oman were given the opportunity to display their talent by sharing all their experiences with others.

The event was held from 9am to 2pm at Moorish Café. Then in the evening, there were cultural performances at Muscat Hill club house. On the next day, the artists had a retreat at The Walk, The Wave, Muscat.

Zee Arts joined with Zaahirah Muthy, Amira D Rahim, Meilena Mladenova, Abdulhamid, Ahmed Alhusani, Shefali Ranther, Kasia Dzikowska for the cultural exchange. The exchange programme showcasing the works of the artists proved that each of them is gifted with a true talent.

During the programme, Jalal Luqman, UAE curator, spoke on the subject of art in the UAE, while Omani artist Saeed al Alawi talked about how to market your arts and art of Oman,

Both speakers captured interest and inspired everyone. They were invited to speak because of their knowledge and experience within the industry.

The cultural exchange is just one of the many projects of Paragon Arts working with Zee Arts Community promoting the best of art talent and sharing of ideas and techniques.

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