My Lady Butterflies


In this work I explore the nature of women’s existence; the variety of forces that impact on both women’s perception of themselves and their ambitions. I work with women from different communities and through the exploration of art, establish both their differences and similarities, creating work that represents the common ground that all women experience. My primary focus is to explore how much this has changed through the generations and how much is still embedded in their perception through culture and upbringing.


The outcome of this project is monochromatic work, constructed from repeated patterns in order to create butterflies – symbolic of beauty and inspiration. I am investigating the repetition of everyday tasks that women must constantly do on order to be beautiful, stylish and career-driven in today’s world, as well as embodying many of the more traditional values in the home. All these tasks are difficult and time-consuming, reflected in the intricate nature of the patterns.


This work was a part of Crocus Gallery Nottingham Open Exhibition 2012.

Images and content © 2016 Kasia Dzikowska

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