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Mothers 1
Mothers 2
Mothers Interaction

This interactive artwork is based around the impact of mother figures on our lives, stimulating a variety of the viewer’s senses as they enter into the piece itself and wrap themselves up in it as they would their own mother’s arms. This installation is a tribute to the hard work undertaken by mother figures across the globe.   


When we are small children, our mother figures are the boundaries of our whole world. They shape us, form us and allow us to grow.  Through their eyes we discover, through their hands we are guided and through their hearts we learn right from wrong.  Our connection to our mothers is a strong one that invokes many memories, including smell, which will be reflected by each of the figures having its own distinct perfume in the fabric for the viewers to experience.


Stepping into each figure, the viewer can associate each scent with a person or a time in their own lives. The base that was set up by the maternal role models in our lives gives us the foundation upon which to grow, continuing along our lives as we take them with us in our hearts wherever we go, and my piece will aim to evoke those feelings.


This work was a part of the Sikka Festival 2016, in Dubai.

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