Project I Drawing example
Drawing final colour pencil

Drawing final pencil

Drawing Sketchbook Example01

Drawing Sketchbook Example02

Drawing Sketchbook Example03

Drawing Sketchbook Example04

Drawing Sketchbook Example05

Drawing Sketchbook Example06

Drawing Sketchbook Example08

Drawing Sketchbook Example09

Project II Painting example
Painting Still Life 2

Painting Still Life

Painting final 1

Painting Final b

Painting Sketchbook01

Painting Sketchbook02

Painting Sketchbook03

Painting Sketchbook04

Painting Sketchbook05

Painting Sketchbook06

Painting Sketchbook07

Painting Sketchbook08

Painting Sketchbook09

Project III 3D Final piece example
Sculpture 2d

Sculpture 2b

Sculpture 2a

Sculpture in enviroment

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